No Updates The Series.

Been too busy at the main site to actually post any content…haha whoops.

Though I was recently notified it’s been a whole year since I entered the translation scene, which is pretty neat.

Consider this a more or less dead blog, going to the main X&M site is the best idea.

No Updates The Series.

Quadruple post?

I think this will be the second or third quad post I’ve done for translation stuff. It’s neat.

Anyhow, my backlog has been reduced to just Neptunia 3! Which is excellent, considering I have 4 days left until I have to start worrying about Xenoblade and Black Desert’s CBT which I have bought my way into.

If anyone is going to be in the Black Desert CBT1+CBT2, I will be the person fishing 24/7. Aww yiss.

Now, time to figure out what to do for Christmas…perhaps some kind of stupid audio recording of one of our chapters instead of text? …Is that a gift or a punishment?

Quadruple post?

Time off, exterminate backlogs!

Certain reasons have put me in a position where I have 2 weeks off work.

Using this, I have removed my backlog of games I’ve had sitting in my library.

Tales of Zestiria, Mana Khemia 2, Ar Tonelico (‘NG+’), Neptunia 1, Neptunia 2, and Neptunia 3.

Only Nep2 and Nep3 left. Thank god I can clear JRPG’s in minimal time.

Anyone got some decent ones to try out after I’m done these?

In X&M news:

Sneak has yet again delayed his giving of stuff to me. So, uh, sometime by the end of the month I might have something?

Ash is still swamped by school n stuff. Expect nothing.

Leo is AWOL.

Miles is binge tl’ing this weekend, so he told me, to hit parity with the author. So wooooooooo~


Time off, exterminate backlogs!